Opportunity Knocks Certified
Top 20% Past Performance Evaluation (PPE) Performer

Opportunity Knocks has been certified by Dun & Bradstreet and Open Ratings as a top 20% performer based on our customer references

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People and organizations operate in a world that is increasingly turbulent, competitive, unpredictable, and inter-connected. Complex and changing environments create opportunity.

Opportunity Knocks, Inc. is dedicated to inspiring and empowering people and organizations to leverage opportunities and achieve their highest potential.

The focus of our practice is serving clients who are planning for: (1) growth or transformation, (2) realignment of human resources practices to connect with business strategy, and (3) preparation for deployment & implementation of information technologies (e.g., software, telecommunications, etc.) impacting their way of doing business.

Headquartered in Washington, DC, we are strategically located to work collaboratively with government, business and non-profits to provide customized organization development consulting services. We also work with the education community and youth to help them achieve their maximum potential – in areas that enhance the classroom curriculum.

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