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Read Some Examples of Organization Development Initiatives

Strengthening the entire organization by aligning strategy, structure, people, processes and culture. Organization development is a dynamic values-based approach to systems change in organizations and communities; it strives to build the capacity to achieve and sustain a new desired state that benefits the organization or community and the world around them. (Source: The OD Network)

Opportunity Knocks offers the following services in support of effective organization development:

Strategic and Operational Planning - We see strategic planning as a tool to craft the decisions and actions that shape and guide what an organization is and what it does. Our strategic planning work focuses on looking to the future for opportunities. We help clients identify a future vision, set goals, and develop an approach for achieving those goals. We work with clients to develop strategic plans that lead to action and high performance. Once the strategic plan is in place, work plans are needed to ensure the strategy is realized. Effective work plans are detailed, with specific deliverables, timelines, and identification of accountable parties. We work with clients to develop these plans, and coach clients through implementation of the plans.

Work Plans - Once the strategic plan is in place, work plans are needed to ensure the strategy is realized. Effective work plans are detailed, with specific deliverables, timelines, and accountable parties. We work with clients to develop these plans, and coach clients through implementation of the plans.

Change Management/Transition Management Support - Change is constant. Organizations succeed when change is embraced as opportunity. We help organizations manage and flourish during times of change such as restructuring, mergers, acquisitions, or implementing new processes or systems. The key is to manage change in a manner that achieves the organizational goals, minimizes day-to-day work disruption, and ensures the workforce is aligned to achieve. We also work with organizations in times when they must transition teams, leadership, systems or processes. We help clients navigate through transitions - so that organizations are ready to effectively and efficiently implement a new strategic direction or initiative. To ensure success, we work with clients to conduct a review of the current state of affairs versus the future state, and then develop a "gap analysis." We then develop strategies to "fill the gaps" in areas such as staffing, training, work flow processes, assets/equipment, or financials.

Business Process Reengineering - Organizations are continuously looking at ways to improve the efficiency and efficacy of their business processes. Sometimes this requires the review of a specific department or division, and sometimes it requires a complete assessment of an organization's entire suite of business processes and operations. We help organizations by working with them to document the current processes and workflows to give us a baseline understanding of how things operate at the organization today. We then analyze the current state to identify areas where the current processes can be changed or modified to improve efficiency and effectiveness or where new processes need to be put in place. We then present a new framework designed to increase the efficiency, quality and productivity of an organization's performance, while decreasing or limiting operating costs. To ensure successful adoption of the new processes, we work with the organization as the necessary changes are implemented in areas such as employee communications, training, and leadership coaching and development.

Succession and Resource Planning - For an organization to be successful, it needs to have the right people with the right skills available at the right time to get the job done. We provide full-service succession and resource planning to help clients ensure they have the pool of talent capable of doing the jobs necessary to achieve the organization's strategic objectives. We help our clients define their organization's needs in terms of key jobs that will need to be staffed, as well as the corresponding skill and knowledge requirements. We then work with our clients to review existing staff to determine current capabilities and potential for advancement into key positions in the future. We conduct gap analyses to determine where current staff is not able to meet future needs and work with our clients to establish staff development plans or recruiting strategies to ensure that the organization is planning and prepared for future vacancies. We also assist our clients in conducting detailed staffing analyses and project-specific resource planning to ensure the organization is able to deliver on current project and program requirements.

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Examples of Organization Development Initiatives

Successfully facilitated the establishment of a multi-state, public, Federal government, and private industry partnership to eliminate duplicative State regulatory reviews of environmental technologies. Established an organization infrastructure and project management system, developed trusting relationships between the parties, provided leadership coaching, and facilitated planning and conflict resolution sessions.

Created a process to inspire a private sector public and government affairs unit to create new strategies based upon their experiences during a media and government affairs crisis.

Directed staff in development and implementation of strategies to build partnerships and institutionalize culture change between U.S. Federal and State governments, public citizens, and the private sector. Activities include providing process consultation for defining missions, setting goals and objectives, resolving conflict, and sustaining partnership cultures.

Worked with a Federal agency to design a system to achieve organizational readiness for the deployment of major modernized information technology systems - a project with an average annual technology budget of $300 to $400 million.

Designed and executed succession and resource planning activities for a technology-focused federal government organization faced with impending retirement of leadership and mission-critical technical staff, identifying key staffing gaps and necessary training and development requirements.

Worked with a federal government agency to realign Front Office staff responsibilities and redesign processes to promote integrated planning related to Data Call Management and streamlined leadership communications.

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