"Individual commitment to a group effort -- that is what makes a team work a company work, a society work, a civilization work."
Vince Lombardi

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Read Some Examples of Team Effectiveness Initiatives

Creating, developing and motivating high performance teams that deliver exceptional results. It is essential that a team have the ability to work together effectively. A team must interact efficiently, capitalize on each member's strengths, leverage diversity, and manage conflict. The team's ability to function has a significant impact on creativity, innovation and overall performance, motivation, and morale.

Opportunity Knocks has helped many teams and functional work groups assess their capability and capacity for change. We have helped build empowering action plans that transformed teams into high performing groups that create and seize opportunities.

Team Start-Ups - We work with newly established teams and special project groups to ensure that they get off to the right start. This includes establishing the team's vision, purpose, roles and responsibilities, as well as communication, decision making, operational and management processes.

Team Development - We work with established, intact groups to assess team performance and dynamics, identify opportunities and create/implement action plans to improve the group's functioning.

Partnership Development - We work with clients to identify key strategic relationships that will help further your organizational objectives. We can establish contact, define mutual benefits, and negotiate partnership relationships and parameters.

Conflict Resolution - We work with individuals and groups to resolve conflicts that are impeding their effectiveness and progress.

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Examples of Team Effectiveness Initiatives

Initiated a significant improvement in a non-profit leadership team's ability to set the direction for the organization and to develop a five-year plan of action to achieve success.

Increased understanding and commitment among a financial services company's communications department by designing and facilitating an initial team launch workshop.

Designed and facilitated numerous team building initiatives between diverse parties to achieve organization change. Sessions concentrated on strategic planning, group role definition, trust building, communication skills, diversity management, and collaborative decision-making.

Developed communications/team building courses for a public school system to assist with building teams to implement proactive public relations activities within the community.

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