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Curriculum Design andTraining
Read Some Examples of Curriculum Design and Training Initiatives

Providing individuals with the skills necessary to ensure productivity, growth and achievement is essential to the success of an organization. Effective training results in strong morale and a productive workforce.

We provide a wide variety of custom and tailored training solutions. We assist clients with the development and delivery of training programs, as well as provide support on the back-end to assist our clients with the ongoing evaluation and revision of their programs. We provide training and support in technology applications and systems, as well as management and leadership topics such as team building, leadership development, strategic and operations planning, change and transition management, communications and public speaking. We also assist clients with helping their staff develop critical interpersonal or "soft" skills. The goal of our training programs is to help our clients help themselves, so we provide Train-the-Trainer workshops to client staff, as well.

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Examples of Training Initiatives

Designed and facilitated a crisis and communications training for teachers/administrators of one of the countries largest public school systems.

Worked with Federal agency to implement a train the trainer program focusing on transition management in preparation for deployment of major modernized information technology systems - a project with an average annual technology budget of $300 to $400 million.

For a corporation, devised a structure for strategic planning, and trained staff on how to use the structure.

Created a train the trainer guide for a non-profit health organization. The guide established a framework for effective facilitation of meetings and group prioritization sessions.

Designed and ran a training seminar for an education non-profit on youth learning styles.

Designed training curricula (classroom and Camtasia Self-Study) and conducted training workshops for a DC non-profit on "Building Healthy Teams", "Recognizing Employees" , and "Goal Setting".

Designed and delivered end-user training for a software implementation at a 100,000 plus employee federal agency.

Designed and delivered end-user training for a telecommunications project at a 100,000 plus employee federal agency.

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