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Strategic Communications Planning and Execution
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Strategic communications is an enabler of people, processes and systems. In today's fast-paced business environment, effective internal communications ensures organizational awareness, alignment, consistency, and momentum. We advise and assist organizations on strengthening the ability to implement corporate strategy and initiatives through employee engagement and effective communications to achieve business goals. We also develop and implement communications plans targeted to external stakeholders. We work with clients to produce audience-specific messaging that serves as the backbone for public relations' campaign materials and education and outreach products. Our staff has expertise in developing website and social media content, as well as internal and external branding and marketing collateral creation. To ensure the success of our clients as they reach their intended audiences, we provide media training, podcast/webcast presentation, event planning, and public speaking services."

Opportunity Knocks helps clients realize the value of designing and implementing strategic communications through the following services:

Communications Plans - We assist clients with the development and implementation of communications plans targeted toward internal and external stakeholders and assist with the development of audience-specific messaging.

Website Content Development - Our staff has expertise in website content development. We help organizations put in place inter/intranet portals that can serve as a centralized information resource for both internal and external audiences and promote the organization's mission, vision and brand identity.

Branding and Marketing Collateral Design - For any communications to be effective, a strong brand identify and strategically developed marketing collateral are essential. Our team assists clients in developing and designing logos that reflect the culture, value and mission of the organization as a whole or a specific initiative. We also assist with the creation of audience-specific promotional collateral such as posters, flyers, brochures, email templates, and other material designed to build awareness, desire, understanding, and adoption of the organization mandates or initiatives.

Media and Public Relations Training - Effectively utilizing a public forum to promote an organization's mission, products or services is critically important. We assist organization spokespeople in preparing for public interviews so they achieve maximum value from the opportunity. We also help our clients craft their public messages to ensure they both promote and protect the organization and can assist with crisis management by the specific situation.

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Examples of Strategic Communications Planning and Execution Initiatives

Provided comprehensive project management and deployment support to a federal government agency to implement an emergency notification system to 555 sites. Our team worked with various stakeholders to coordinate site deployments, configure and test the emergency system, and troubleshoot technical issues. A deployment guide and checklists were created to ensure all steps were followed to result in successful deployments. Scorecard metrics were updated with the project's cost, risk, schedule and accomplishments, to generate accurate status reports for senior management. These reports were used by senior management to address issues in a timely manner and identify potential risks that could jeopardize the project. In addition, transition management support was provided by capturing gaps between the current implementation state and the future Operations and Maintenance (O&M) state. A transition plan was developed for the O&M state that included visual work stream flows, organization charts and resources needed. Our team provided invaluable support on this project by working closely with the Federal employees to successfully meet various project goals and objectives.

Provided comprehensive communications planning/implementation and organization change management support for an Account Management Services program. The program was responsible for delivery of a mission-critical system used to manage inventory by over 16,000 customer facing employees. As part of the effort, we conducted a resource planning exercise resulting in the change to a co-development model between the federal workforce and contractors for this $50 million multi-release program.

Developed and implemented a targeted marketing and communications plan for a federal government agency to support the deployment of new technologies across the organization to more than 100,000 employees. These efforts helped build awareness for long term use of emerging technologies and systems across the organization.

Developed a comprehensive communications plan for a federal government organization that was about to undergo significant organizational transition with the goals of reinforcing organizational unity, making connections between daily employee tasks and organization-wide strategic goals, involving customers and client partners in decision making, and communicating the impact of decisions to key stakeholders. Created a centralized roadmap for change including a vision for change, integrated positioning of all initiatives and positive buy-in of all key stakeholders.

Created the content, layout and design of an intranet website for a federal government agency to serve as a centralized information resource for both internal and external audiences, to facilitate document sharing, to support and encourage employee feedback, and to promote organizational brand awareness and identity.

Designed a federal government organization's communications strategy and established multiple communications vehicles to promote open dialogue between management and employees and to facilitate the flow of information, resulting in improved employee morale and increased understanding of the "big picture" goals of the organization.

Developed an Annual Report template and review process for a federal government agency to create a final document that reported on the organization's annual performance with meaningful metrics, communicated organizational successes, and detailed the short and long-range strategic plans.

Provided assistance to the project planning and governance division of a large federal agency with the development of a strategic internal communications effort to provide an overall framework for selecting, managing, and coordinating program activities to build employee awareness, understanding, and adoption of new or enhanced technology. Our team produced full communications plans, supported the marketing of technology pilots, assisted with full deployment of new technology projects, created technical documents, and provided meeting planning and facilitation support. The team was instrumental in defining audiences for the communications efforts; creating and refining key messages for each targeted audience in order to unify the focus, goals, and objectives of specific initiatives; determining appropriate channels to communicate with each group; and creating materials and Cybersecurity/IT specific communications tools to ensure maximum reach and visibility. The services of Opportunity Knocks allowed the division to gain early adopters of its technology projects, as well as assist those who needed additional guidance. Furthermore, the services helped in creating cost-effective projects by producing a variety of deliverables that allowed the division to communicate complicated information in a clear and concise manner.

Developed and implemented a targeted marketing and communications plan for a federal government agency to support the deployment of new technologies across the organization to more than 90,000 employees. These efforts helped build awareness for long term use of emerging technologies and systems across the organization.

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